Volunteer Training

Anyone can become a National Street Service Volunteer with our Soul Searching Training Kit. Our training helps you see your streets with fresh eyes, to celebrate what’s great about your street and find opportunities to make improvements. You’ll use what you’ve learned to take action in ways which are simple and low-cost, and demonstrate the value of better streets to your local community and city authorities. It is laid out step-by-step, so we are with you every step of the way.

Step 1 -
Soul Searching Handbook

The first step in our volunteer training is the Soul Searching Handbook. The handbook is available in a printable format, audio guide, and an app (the app is coming soon!). This handbook guides you to explore the street, and get in touch with the soul of your city through small, meaningful actions. 
Note: For our current Volunteer training group in Philadelphia and Boise - be sure to contact your city lead to pick up a printed copy the training materials!
But - anyone is welcome to use our Soul Searching handbook - so feel free to download and try it no matter where you are! 


More content will be published in the coming weeks and months, so check back soon!

Experiment Worksheets

Step 2 - Street Experiments

Once you have completed the Soul Searching activities you will be ready to get out into the street and experiment with making changes.

Experiment Inspiration Cards

Example projects we have collected from a variety of groups who inspire us. Great for inspiration for creating your own experiment ideas.

Street Experiment Example Card.png

Experiment Idea Sheets

A tool to come up with lots of ideas for Street Experiments. We recommend printing out plenty so you have enough to come up with 3-5 ideas per person while brainstorming.

experiment sheet.jpg

Experiment Plan

A tool to help flesh out your ideas to prepare to put them in the street! Send your completed plans to your city lead, or to HQ if you are working outside of Philly or Boise.

Experiment Development Worksheet.jpg

Step 3 -Final Project Worksheets

Final Experiment Brainstorm Cards

Stuck for ideas for big projects? Randomly choose one page of each color, and come up with an idea based on the prompts. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 3.13.21 PM.png

Final Experiment Plan

A tool to help flesh out big ideas! Send your completed plans to your city lead, or to HQ if you are working outside of Philly or Boise.

Final Project Worksheet.jpg

National Street Service Logo

Need a version of the logo to add to your projects? We have two versions available for download:


Full color version

NSS Seal-hq.png

Stencil version


Older Publications

National Street Service Handbook (2017)
First Edition, May 2017
A comprehensive documentation of the first pilot of the National Street Service in San Francisco. Check this out to see what we were able to achieve, and get inspiration for your own actions.
Download (PDF / 10MB)