Anyone can become an active participant in the National Street Service! We offer a range of tools to help you rethink your local streets. 

Soul Searching Training Kit

Tools for individuals

Soul Searching Training Kit

Download and print everything you need to take action in your streets

Tools for Communities and Community Organizations

We believe that better streets start at the local level - with individuals who take action to understand what better streets mean to them and their communities. This is why we make our tools freely available on our website. 

If you are interested in bringing a new chapter of the National Street Service to your city, contact us to discuss how we can work together towards a shared vision of better streets for all.


National Street Service Logo

For individual participants, we offer the logo to share your affiliation with the National Street Service in your projects and experiments.
For city and community organizational partners, contact us for guidelines on usage of the National Street Service brand and logo.


Standard Logo

For general use


Stencil version

Only use for creating stencils!


Older Publications

National Street Service Handbook (2017)
First Edition, May 2017
A comprehensive documentation of the first pilot of the National Street Service in San Francisco. Check this out to see what we were able to achieve, and get inspiration for your own actions.
Download (PDF / 10MB)