Welcome to Soul Searching!

We’re so glad you’re here. We believe every person who uses the street has a unique and valuable perspective to share. Your stories, your experiences, and your actions all help shape the way our streets are now, where they’ve been, and how they can grow and change. 


If you have any questions, please reach out to your City Lead (if applicable) or email hq@nationalstreetservice.org. 

How to use this workbook

This program is divided into eleven daily actions which will each take about an hour to finish. You are welcome to spend more time on those which you find most engaging. If the daily schedule doesn’t work for you, feel free to go through the actions at a pace that suits you. 

Note for Volunteers in Philly and Boise - your binder will have printed copies of all the materials; contact your city lead to arrange pick up of yours!


Step 1 - Complete the Introductory Survey

Download the Survey

Filling out this survey will help us better understand what you value and believe about the street, and give us the ability to measure the impact of the National Street Service.

Step 2 - Download the Soul Searching Workbook & Tools

You can download and print the entire workbook, or download one action at a time.

Step 3 - Share Your Work

We are excited to see what you are working on! There are many ways to share your work.




Action 1 -
Guided Reflection


Action 2 -
Favorite and Not-so-favorite Streets


Action 3 -
Getting up Close and Personal with Your Streets


Action 11 -
Inclusive Streets, Participatory Streets


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