Welcome to Soul Searching!

We’re so glad you’re here. We believe every person who uses the street has a unique and valuable perspective to share. Your stories, your experiences, and your actions all help shape the way our streets are now, where they’ve been, and how they can grow and change. 



National Street Service Soul Searching Workbook

Complete Soul Searching Workbook (PDF) - May 2018 Edition

Updated and expanded - with a brand new chapter to help you conduct your own experiments in the street.


EXperiment inspiration cards

Examples from around the world to inspire your own street experiments


Experiment Idea Mashup Tool

A tool to help you turn problems you have identified into actionable ideas. Turn to the 'brainstorming your experiment' section of the Soul Searching workbook for instructions.



Experiment Planner

A tool to help you bring your ideas to the street. Turn to the 'planning your experiment' section of the Soul Searching workbook for instructions.


Printable - Placard

Create your own historic sign to share stories from your local streets. 


Printable - Streets to Streets Card Game

Use these cards to ask 'what is the value of this street?' to members of your local community, to start meaningful and interesting conversations about streets.

Lifetime Pass to the Street

Printable - Lifetime Pass to the Street

Hand out a Lifetime Pass to the Street to remind the people you talk to that the street is public space, and it belongs to everyone to enjoy, to shape and to serve the needs of all who use them.

Printable - Price Tags

Price tag your city to show what you value in the street, or call out the costs and benefits of everyday street objects.


Printable - Postcard

Contact local officials to share what you love, and what you wish could be better about your local streets.

DIY Actions by National Street Service Volunteers

Bonus actions from current volunteers.

Find out what other volunteers are excited to accomplish and try it in your own neighborhood.  


Printable - Street Rule Sign Template

Create your own rules for the street. For ideas, first try the 'Observation and Reflection' exercises to help you see the street with fresh eyes.


Maker's Kit - Advice on Building Street Experiments

Ideas for how to build your street experiments - cheaply and easily.

Audio Guides:

Audio versions of our soul searching curriculum for your listening pleasure


Action 1 -
Guided Reflection


Action 2 -
Favorite and Not-so-favorite Streets


Action 3 -
Getting up Close and Personal with Your Streets


Action 11 -
Inclusive Streets, Participatory Streets


Action 12 -
Bonus: Create your own action

For Inspiration: Bonus actions from current volunteers. 


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