Summer Update From The National Street Service

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Word on the Street

The National Street Service has awarded grants for five projects proposed by former volunteers, we've made videos highlighting our time in Boise and Philadelphia, and we were featured in The New York Times! 


The National Street Service proudly congratulates the recipients of our Summer 2018 Grant Program. Our program is investing in five projects, led by passionate individuals and groups who want to build ‘streetexperiments’ that explore how to make local streets better on behalf of their communities.

Congratulations to: 
Brittany Holiday, Philadelphia: Listen & Learn: Street Talk, Philadelphia Youth Team
Brian A. Cirksey, Philadelphia: Street Pride and Humble Beginnings
Nicolas Rivard, San Antonio: Street Soul 2018 Tour
Deanna Smith, Boise: Strip-mall Park(ing) into Neighborhood Places
Deborah Mullner, Boise: Freemont Murals

You can read more about their projects here.


Streaming Now

Share the good word about the NSS to your friends and co-conspirators.  A cinematic teaser for the National Street Service is streaming now along with a Love Letter to the Boise and Philly Streets featuring our volunteers!  Watch all our videos at Vimeo.


NSS in the Press

Allison Arieff wrote about connectivity and responsibility in the streets in her New York Times op-ed on the National Street Service.

Read it Here 


Street Stories

Have you checked out the National Street Service blog? We’ve got some fresh posts about why a car company would fund the National Street Service, a Jaywalker's Bill of Rights, and more!


So Long and Thanks for All the Chalk

The National Street Service is going on a summer break while we work out our next adventures.

Thank you for supporting our vision of streets for people!

Reflections from our City Leads


Updates from the Philadelphia Streets

First of all, I would like to thank the entire National Street Service! From our supportive leads at headquarters to our very influential volunteers, you all have made this an impactful experience to remember.

Over the course of our 10-week pilot we've discovered what worked and what didn't. We've dealt with time constraints, conflicting schedules and overall bouts of discouragement. In the end, this cohort still managed to curate, design, and build street experiments that influenced others to utilize and view the streets in a different way. We've also collaborated as a joint effort in order to execute three simultaneous street parties as a twist on Philly's famous Block parties.

Through this, we were able to reintroduce people to public space, join neighborhoods, share a meal and provide resources all while having pure fun.

Coming into this project, in an abstract sense I knew our goal but I didn’t necessarily know what to expect. I didn’t expect to meet such a passionate group of people dedicated to their streets. I didn’t expect to meet a youth team whose experiences would humble me.  I also didn’t expect to build a community within us. Ladies and Gentlemen, together we accomplished so much. You are the National Street Service and the street will forever be yours.

As we part for this summer break, I'm wishing you all safe travels and joyful memories!

Eve Belizaire, Philadelphia City Lead


News from the Boise Streets

These past five months working alongside an amazing group of individuals from many different walks of life as we explored the possibilities of Boise’s streets together has been exhilarating. I work professionally advocating for making our streets safer for people walking and biking, improving transit and creating “place” in our streets and communities and this project really gets at the essence of our challenge - helping people see the true value of our streets as places for people and starting conversations in communities about how we can reinvent our streets to achieve their full potential.

From the soul searching curriculum to the values card game, National Street Service has developed a wonderful set of tools that do just this. It was exciting to watch as our volunteers used these tools to explore their streets from a new perspective, discovering their own values and desires for their streets. Then taking the next step to act on those desires and find ways to share what they discovered with others.

The overwhelming positive response to our Public Lands Tour on May 12th we received from the many residents who came out to see what the buzz was all about makes me hopeful about the future of our communities. People readily joined in the conversation about how we can make our streets for people - not just transportation and vehicles. They danced, played games, ate and conversed in our “public lands” we had created along three very different streets - discovering new ways to enjoy their city streets. I hope we can keep the conversation going.

Deanna Smith, Boise City Lead