Announcing Our Summer Grant Recipients

The National Street Service proudly congratulates the recipients of our Summer 2018 Grant Program. Our program is investing in five projects, led by passionate individuals and groups who want to build ‘street experiments’ that explore how to make local streets better on behalf of their communities. Check out their projects below!


Brittany grantee.png

Brittany Holiday: Philadelphia, PA

Listen & Learn: Street Talk, Philadelphia Youth Team

Project Idea: The goal is to foster more communication/discussion around neighborhood needs and wants versus what is readily accessible to community members. Brittany worked with a group of 6 high school youth in creating their own Dream Wall, a community Listening Box – hearing from the community what changes they were looking to see & participated in a Tri-city block party for a street appreciation day. With this grant, Brittany will work with the Youth Team  to expand on this initial work & focus on awareness and recruitment of other youth of color.

Deanna grantee.png

Deanna Smith: Boise, ID

Strip-mall Park(ing) into Neighborhood Places

Project Idea: Vista Village and Collister shopping centers are mid-century suburban strip-malls now in urban neighborhoods. These malls have been the focus of the City and surrounding neighborhood and businesses for revitalization and activation, showing some success with becoming neighborhood 'places'. However both are located along very busy, people-unfriendly corridors - State Street and Vista Ave. - which are barriers to neighbors walking to these businesses. As old strip-malls, they do not front the street but sit back behind a parking lot making it less inviting. This project will bring these places to the street through pop-up parklets adjacent to these very car-centric, busy streets. Each place intends to attract all ages from the surrounding neighborhoods as well as others coming to the businesses and the business owners.

Nicolas Rivard, City Lead, San Antonio

Nicolas Rivard, City Lead, San Antonio

Nicolas Rivard: San Antonio, TX

Street Soul 2018 Tour

Project Idea: The Street Soul 2018 Tour will prototype a 50-state street performance to spread the National Street Service gospel while collecting valuable answers to many questions about street values. Equal parts research lab, nomadic performance, and promotional strategy, the Street Soul 2018 Tour will take the show, literally, on the road in an ice cream truck. The tour will take place on ~5000 miles of streets, roads, and highways across America, beginning in San Antonio, TX, and ending in Philadelphia, PA

Deborah grantee.png

Deborah Mullner: Boise, ID  

Freemont Murals

Project Idea: The goal of this project is to transform a uninviting street in our neighborhood into a safe and community friendly space. Freemont Street connects a residential area with a commercial area. There used to be quite a bit of tension between the neighbors and the business owners in this location because of illegal dumping. This project adds five large murals to Freemont Street. We aim to beautify the area, and thereby improve the usage pattern.

Brian grantee.png

Brian A. Cirksey: Philadelphia, PA

Street Pride and Humble Beginnings

Project Idea: The goal of the project is to  tell the unique stories of how certain Baltimore Ave businesses got their start from humble beginnings by using historical marker signs, while  creating a mechanism for those who live, play, shop on or near Baltimore Ave to provide feedback on the historical signs and also what “Street Pride” means to them.

We're excited to see these great ideas make their way to the streets! We'll give a full update on the projects in October.