Summer Grants, Shareback updates, announcing our app!

Philadelphia & Boise City Shareback: Recap

Volunteers get down after a successful share-back in Boise!

Volunteers get down after a successful share-back in Boise!

A big thank you to everyone who came to our sharebacks last week in Boise and Philly! We had a blast hearing from our amazing volunteers about what they learned and accomplished, had great conversations about what the National Street Service can do next to focus the conversation about streets on people, and celebrated what we’ve built together! One of the things we've heard loud and clear is that people want the NSS to connect more with local policy and design initiatives. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or ideas for how the Street Service can dovetail with work happening in your cities.

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Stay involved with the National Street Service

The National Street Service is going on summer break next month while we process what we’ve learned and make a plan for what’s next. But, before we do we wanted to leave a few things behind. See below for exciting ways to stay connected to the National Street Service and keep momentum going through the summer.




We are thrilled to offer ten grants of between $5 and $500 in support of National Street Service participants who want to build ‘street experiments’ exploring how to make streets better places for people. These grants are an opportunity to iterate your street experiment, host community conversations, or explore an idea that came up while observing and reflecting on your street. To be eligible, complete our Soul Searching training and fill out an application form by Monday July 9. Experiments must be completed by October 1. Find out more and apply at . Questions? Send them to by July 3. All questions and answers will be posted on the grants webpage above on July 5.



Online training

We are proud to offer our complete Soul Searching training kit, which is a crash course in street transformation. The course covers our process step-by-step, from observing and reflecting on your street through to creating a small ‘street experiment’ to test your ideas to improve your local streets. The entire kit can be downloaded from our website - visit to get started.




Streets! App for iOS

We are proud to announce the revamp of our app for iPhone, Streets! which covers the entire Soul Searching training, in convenient digital format. Try it today -

Up next...

Next month before we go on summer break we’ll be sharing news on what’s next for the NSS as well as note from our City Leads. See you in July!

See you in July!

See you in July!