National Street Service Tri-Block Party in Philadelphia

  • National Street Service Volunteers will host three simultaneous block parties on Sunday, May 20th from 2:00 - 6:00pm.
  • The locations are:
    • South Philadelphia - 22nd + Carpenter, (near bus route 7)
    • West Philadelphia - 47th + Hazel Ave, (located along the 34 trolley line)
    • North Philadelphia - 11th + Huntington Street, (near North Philadelphia Station - BSL)
  • All three parties are free and open to the public, and will offer food, drinks, prizes, and family friendly activities.
  • More information about the event is available here -

PHILADELPHIA, Penn., May. 14, 2018 – Volunteers from the National Street Service will host three simultaneous block parties in Philadelphia on Sunday, May 20th from 2:00-6:00 pm featuring food, drinks, prizes and family friendly activities. The event is being organized by the National Street Service, an organization which mobilizes everyday people to observe, reflect on, and care for the streets that matter to them and their communities. At the Tri-Block Party, volunteers will share what they have learned to build support for better use of street space in Philadelphia.

“Philadelphia is the block party capital of the country” says Alexa Bosse, a City Lead coordinating volunteers for the events. “We wanted to use this familiar tradition as a way to invite the community to engage with National Street Service volunteers in a conversation about streets.”

The event will take place across three sites - South Philadelphia at 22nd and Carpenter near bus route 7, West Philadelphia at 47th and Hazel Ave near the 34 trolley line, and North Philadelphia at 11th and Huntington Street near North Philadelphia Station - BSL.

The block parties will be hosted by the 25 Philadelphians who have just completed their National Street Service volunteer training. The training program is designed to help them closely observe their streets, in order to reflect on what is working well and where there are opportunities for improvement. The event is an opportunity to share what they have learned, and spark people’s curiosity about how streets can better serve all who share them.

“Our volunteers are building games and activities which will inspire Philadelphians to think differently about their streets. We want to show people how they can help their communities by building streets that make people feel safe and welcome” says Eve Belizaire, also a City Lead. “By hosting three parties at once, we hope to unite the entire city around our cause”

In the lead up to the Tri-Block Party, National Street Service volunteers will distribute welcome mats around the city. “These are welcome mats with a twist - they read ‘Welcome to Public Space.’ So they remind you that the streets are for people” says Bosse. “Philadelphians walk everywhere and the streets are where we interact with the city and our neighbors. These welcome mats are a reminder that the streets belong to everyone who uses them.”

The North Philadelphia party will showcase the work of the first youth team of the National Street Service. This team of talented teens has been influential to the National Street Service as a voice for youth and people of color. The team have been hard at work building and installing street improvements, including a ‘dream wall’ which connects people of all ages to share their hopes and dreams on the street, and a ‘mailbox’ which invites community input on how to make streets more safe and welcoming. Youth team lead Alex Peay says “these kids have an opportunity they can’t even imagine - a chance to build their leadership skills and get real work experience, all while learning how to make an impact in their communities.” Dre’ana, a youth team volunteer says “I love that we are the first youth team for the National Street Service. My hope is that we will show people that youth are more than just ‘trouble’ - we are change.”

About the National Street Service

The National Street Service works across neighborhoods, generations, cultures, and city lines to celebrate the people, places, and moments that make our streets so valuable. We honor the soul of our cities by working with everyday people to make streets better places for everyone.

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