Welcome Boise and Philadelphia to the National Street Service


We are excited to welcome Philadelphia and Boise to The National Street Service!

Across neighborhoods, ages, and cultures. Across railroad tracks, highways, and city lines. We are the National Street Service, and we treasure our streets. Join us!

We honor the soul of our cities by working with everyday people to make streets welcoming for everyone. We work together to celebrate the people, places, stories, and moments that make our streets so valuable.

Join Our Team!

We are inviting people in both Boise and Philadelphia to join an exciting, immersive city-wide National Street Service Program.  

The 10-week, step-by-step program invites people to:

  1. Explore and celebrate the many values of your streets
  2. Connect with your neighbors and local street heroes from across the city
  3. Take meaningful action and make streets welcoming places for everyone

This two-month program is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to make streets better for their community.  During the program, you will observe and explore your street, create opportunities to help others reimagine what the street is for, build benches, make art pieces, and collaborate across neighborhoods on projects to make streets welcoming for everyone.

In each city, we are seeking:

1-2 City Leads
March 5 - June 23
40 hours per week
Competitive Salary
Apply by Feb 16

30+ people
March 12 - May 18
5 hours per week
Hourly Stipend
Apply by March 1

If this sounds like you, learn more and apply at www.nationalstreetservice.org/join